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inspired by sunshine

A little piece of paradise
Villa Vento Surf Morillo, Panama

by isa

On our pacific coast trip from Panama City up to Santa Catalina, we stopped half the way at a beautiful hidden surf hostel completely off the grid. First we weren’t sure if the entrance door is the entry to a dairy pasture but after a kilometer of walking through a herd of cows and potholes as big as children paddling pools, we came down to a beautiful black sand beach with great surf and empty waves.

The hostel site was built on a sustainable eco-concept, powered by solar with charge controller, battery bank and a backup generator. Water is pumped from a well via an automated solar pump, which is enough for the showers, bathrooms and kitchen.

Life is completely back to basics without wifi or phone reception. The place is literally on the beach surrounded by coconut trees and jungle with a natural pool right in the pacific ocean. The hostel is owned by the Remorini brothers Daniel and Leo, who share their little paradise with all the likeminded surftravellers, who come to relax and be off the grid for a while. They create a familiy atmosphere and serve their guests well reduced on the most essential: Water and Beer!

It’s the perfect place to get away from quite everything, drinking coconuts, having barbecues with lobster from the local fisherman, and enjoyed cold beers on the terrace in good company.
During the night you can watch turtles placing their eggs at the beach or go swimming in the glowing plankton. Experiencing nature like this left me breathless.

Cheers to Leo and Daniel for creating this little piece of paradise!

girls design longboard

by flo

our new GIRLS DESIGN LONGBOARD – inspired by sunshine

using the process of water-based screen-printing as we use on our clothing and longboards, we've been testing some new colors! excited by the intense glow of the print in contrast to the soft gloss of the oil we use for our wood – we just had to take the chance and BRING IN SOME COLOR!!! so here it is.

without the use of any toxic chemicals like epoxy-resin and fiberglass, the eco-friendly construction of local maple and flexible bamboo provides a soft flex for a fun ride – perfect for cruising and carving. the ergonomic 3D CONCAVE helps to lock in your feet if you want to go for more performance slides.
perfect for newcomer and fast-learning beginner used to boardsports like snowboarding and surfing.

soft flex // 100% wood // no toxic chemicals // eco-friendly // made in germany


by lea + florian

follow their journey on our TRAVEL-TIPS

to the end of england
well... going to England probably isn't the first idea that pops up in your head when it comes to summer holiday right...
but since CORNWALL is one of the few places along the atlantic coast we didn't visit and we got family who's inviting us for a long time already - we had to take the chance :)

since our little VW BULLI is still under construction and we couldn't use the chance to sleep right at the beautiful spots at the western end of England.
but let us tell you - Cornwall is hell of a beautiful place - if the sun is shining ;)

an incredible rocky coastline, small tree-covered roads lead through beautiful villages and to hidden or famous beaches!
strong tides turn the 200m sand beaches with soft longboard-waves at low tide into a water-filled rocky coastline providing great beach-breaks on high tide.

we are amazed by CORNWALL, the nature, the people and their attitude – we're coming back – with our van, because 'well, you can camp everywhere and sleep, remember, it's Cornwall - nobody gives a f*** ;)'

if one day of sunshine and beautiful nature compensates some more rainy and English weather - you will have to find out on your own!
but make sure to check out the SPOTS and TIPS we put on our TRAVEL-MAP and get your van up there!

cruiser review

by janine

watch the full video-review

SICK of WINTER design longboard: our cruiser

janine lafranca introduces our SICK of WINTER CRUISER longboard and talks about the design, the shape, the construction and where and when to use our CRUISER!

watch the full video-review of our CRUISER and create your CUSTOM LONGBOARD right here!

100% wood // eco-friendly // high-quality // made in german

hidden sea and the pyramid of fire

by florian

some old footage of an incredible trip to search waves in RUSSIA - but doesn't that video want to start your van and hit the road?


by florian

see travel-tip

TIMA-TRAVELS is the perfect chance for you, to take your climbing outdoors into croatia's amazing landscapes!
in a friendly surrounding and the comfortable VILLA with POOL and YOGA, you'll find everything your body needs to relax from the days climbing the incredible vela draga area!
TIMA-TRAVELS is open from october 3rd until 17th – this is your chance to get catch some more sunshine end of the year and combine it with guided climbing and great food :)

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jvgnd stijl's adventure

travel story

lear more about jvgnd stijl

the story of a 'four-guys-and-a-jeep' off-road trip:
'Last summer we had the chance to do a journey for our lifetime! Off-road from Germany to Istanbul and back - going by car deep into the east, from europe until asia.

We? We - that is a team of four friends knowing each other back from the days at school. We are sharing the passion of travel, meeting new people and their culture and enjoying our lifes. Say Hi to Peter, Jonas, Robin, and Lucas!

Our journey was more than just traveling. Robin, Lucas and Jonas have founded their own agency and they are working together on creative story telling - projects. So like this the journey became a hole story telling project. It started quite early with bringing up a sponsor package to acquire companies which could be interested in a deal like "sponsor us and we will give you extra ordinary footage from our journey like pictures and videos so you can use it for your own business". So well prepared and with all our stuff like cameras, a drone, electro-generator and many more we started at the end of september 2014 our trip to istanbul. 
Why Istanbul? We all have heard a lot about trips to turkey - four star all inclusive hotel at the beach and tourist crowed places all around. But we thought their must be more than this to be found in turkey. Istanbul was a great target and anyway the idea to pass the south-eastern part of Europe gave us the hope to find many wild spots to go really off road through a country. Enough arguments, let´s go 6 weeks, 4 guys, 1 jeep! 
I am unable to tell every detail of our journey, so let me sum up for you what you should know: Traveling is always worth it! To go on a journey is about leaving your every day life and to start living indepentend, beeing responsible only for your own luck. Traveling is about going out not knowing how your story ends up and where your feet brings you. It can happen that all your plans turn out different and you sometimes regret leaving your home, but only with this experiences you can feel whats called life! We can recommend a trip like ours to all you out there. Having some time with good friends and sleeping under the stars, thats sometimes all you need!

3FWB in corsica and sardinia

by florian

more form 3FWB on

follow Benno, Matthias & Maximilian on their last adventure on 3 FRIENDS, WEEKS and BOARDS:
'third year - third trip. this year we explored the islands CORSICA and SARDINIA again with our mate "HORST".
got to know some fascinating landscape and great possibilites for surfing and snowboarding.'


by florian


we're back in cologne form our little trip to portugal, helping the GOODTIMES SURFCAMP to get ready for the new season! we know malte, jan, nora and marko from cologne, but being part of this happy and funny team was a pleasure!

the 3 houses are located at the bay of ANCORA, north of PORTO. all of them offer a stunning view over the sea and an amazing collection of tradition games and comics like 'tim und struppi' and 'wo ist walter' :)

besides the accomodation, the GOODTIMES SURFCAMP offers a perfect combination of SURFING, YOGA and GREAT FOOD!
the nearby bay offers different beach-breaks, for beginner to intermediate and taking a yoga-lesson with ju on the plateau is definetly worth it!


write an jan email with 'SICK of WINTER in portugal' to

more infos and pics from GOODTIMES:

GALAPAGOS, ecuador

by simon


i always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands - untouched nature, evolution, loneliness.
it is far from that. especially the main island, Santa Cruz, is crowded by tourists.
in spite of everything, nature finds its way to touch you. so much there to discover. i took a trip to Bartholome Island around 3h away from Santa Cruz - there I found what I expected from the Galapagos. an uninhabitated island made of lava rocks surrounded by turquoise water and an underwater world I saw before only in documentaries. sea lions and penguins are sharing the swim with you.

however. forget about sharks. sun is there your greatest enemy. on midday it stands in zenith and burns you mercilessly. yes, there were Britains, and yes, they had a sunburned skin tank top.
let us not forget here that the Galapagos are also a prudently used income source for the Ecuadorian government. you gonna pay everywhere. starting at the airport in Guayaquil, 'Oh you wanna fly to the Galapagos. pay the 20 $ here and you can go.' Arriving on the Baltra airport, 'Oh, you wanna stay at Galapagos? You have to pay the foreigner fee. Don't mind, it's only 100 $.' Then, on the island, 'Oh, you have no cash? Then the tax is not 2.4% but 12.4%.'
i waited my ass off at every little counter from the airport in Guayaquil until i got on the bus in Baltra and nevertheless, i will return.
one of the best times in my life.

 by florian

freedom for rent - if you ever wanted to make that trip down the coast of SPAIN and PORTUGAL – THIS IS YOUR CHANCE :)

our friends from offer you FREEDOM FOR RENT!
get yourself an old classic VW T3 fully equipped home and discover the coastline, find spots and sleep right there for your morning-session!
the easiest way to fly cheap and still have opportunity to travel independent! rent wetsuits and boards so you don't need any luggage ;)

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skating ISRAEL

by janine

see travel-tip

Israel – surrounded by conflicts but never the less a home for countless nations and religions. not necessarily the number one travel destination for a lot of people. 
until some time ago I did not have any connection to this country or its inhabitants. not till my friends from LGC went there to make a longboard movie last year.

it surprised me in a way but at the same time it made me really curious. because even in the small world of longboarding, this fact lead to differences of opinion. but Israel means so much more then political and religious conflicts. even if they are part of Israeli life.
 then in January of this year I suddenly happened to get to know the Israeli hosts of my friends, that in the same time run a longboard company – Dasilva Boards.
we instantly clicked and after a short time an invitation to their home country followed. 
I decided shorthand that I would love to get this adventure started and to visit the foreign land. for preparation I read a magazine for political education about Israel from 1995 that my sister found while she was clearing up her stuff.

I wanted to stay unprejudiced and for that reason I did not collect further information besides the experiences of friends that went there and told me positive things throughout. 
shortly after my landing and several safety checks I got a sunny and warm welcome by Ben, one of the founders of Dasilva Boards. the adventure started wit a drive to Ben’s wonderful little country house in the middle of green fields and fragrant orange trees at about 30 minutes away from Tel Aviv.

read the full article on SMILE AT YOURSISTER!


by simon


my world trip leads me through South America, Oceania and Asia.
i found out about Jericoacoara in a travel blog long before i started and knew that i wanna travel this place. definitely worth it!
great mix between adventure and chill-out. as Jeri is situated in a kind of desert – around an hour trip away from civilization – you travel the last part in a kind of open truck that maneuvers you through dunes and water holes. drivers are quite experienced and drive with an incredible tempo. your bones won't forget that trip, i promise!
and don't try to use your cellphone when seated to the windows. i saw mobiles gone forever.
do not expect too much comfort in Jeri – it is a hippie village. it is dirty and each time you visit a supermarket (yes they exist) you get this taste of fruits that have been stored way too long. crossing the streets you might meet a horse or a dog – they just run around there belonging to nobody.
when staying at the lagoon 'Lagua Paraiso' you have to wait at the street for a pick-up that takes you back to Jeri. thinkin' about what time to go, watch the boy with the BMX bike – if his circles around you get closer … it's time to go.

let afghan people go surfing // WRAA

by florian

support them!!!

we're happy to support our friends from 'WAVERIDING ASSOSIATION AFGHANISTAN' who are hosting the first afghan surf championship in portugal this year! a number of afghan surfers who live all over the world will gather in Portugal to compete for the honor of being crowned the FIRST NATIONAL SURFING CHAMPION OF AFGHANISTAN!

support their goals – one of them: find an undiscoverd spot and name it 'new kabul' - on INDIEGOGO:

basque country

by lucas


SAN-SEB is an amazing place to stop on your trip down the atlantic coast!
great city surf and place to go out and enjoy at night! you just drift along and enjoy some tapas, beer and wine.
VAN-PARKING right at the city beach at the schoolyard at the end of the beach. make sure you pay your meter, they'll check but let you sleep over!

fiji island

 by isa


if you wanna get into true island-life, you can join the chief cook collecting fresh and tasty food daily from the local SIGATOKA MARKET.
SIGATOKA is a rural town, where local farmers sell their low priced variety of tropical fruits, root crops including yagona roots (kava), spices, seafood, freshwater mussels etc.
you can get selfmade honey, local coconut oil, tamarind paste, chutney and bananas by the stalk.
you should also try FIJI- CREAMBREAD. it's a traditional sweet butter bread as the island-alternative to usual candy, which is melting in 38 degrees outside temperature.
It tastes fantastic!


by florian

making of SICK of WINTER LONGBOARDS // designed, engineered and made in germany

last week we visited our manufacturer BECKER KG – specialist in producing design-furniture made of plywood – in brakel, germany. we were able to check and document the incredible and scientific process of turning a whole tree into a SICK of WINTER LONGBOARD:

starting with ordering PEFC-certified beech and maple trees from surrounding forest, steaming and peeling them it to 1,1mm thin veneer, 7 layers of wood get pressed with heat and pressure into our 3-dimensional blanks. the high-precision 5-axis CNC-machine cuts out our perfect/different SHAPES.

those boards now get sanded and cleaned by hand – to be printed, oiled and finished by us.

get your SICK of WINTER LONGBAORD and more information here in our SHOP!


by katha


during my time in Australia i stayed in a place only a 2 minutes walk from this amazing beach.
never really understood why its never busy - i reckon it’s only known by locals.
 no tourists at all. on stormy days u really don't wanna go there because the wind will blow your mind of.
but on sunny summer days the best place to be on the world.

Plus; u always get to see wallabies on the way to the beach.

Catania, Sicily

by lucas + rosa


check out this beautiful rocky place if you want to get away from Catania´s hectic. It is only a 15 min busride from the city. there are some amazing beaches where you can rent a boat and go for a snorkel and the village is big enough for everything you need and has also some good restaurants.
it´s a perfect stop if you want to vistit the etna.
AIR BNB offers great possibilites for accomondation.
suggested by lucas + rosa

find the location on our TRAVEL-TIPS!




from california to patagonia

“8000 miles far away from the SUN and the SURF of CALIFORNIA - far away at the southern end of ARGENTINA, lies a wild land called PATAGONIA. from california, by car, on boart, by foot - 4 men came to climb a mountain that had been climed only twice before"

a documentary of an exiting adventure of 1968